Jumping Pot-Man

Pot-Man lives inside a Pot and has a big afro! This game has simple rules and controls. He can jump from one totempole to the next totempole. Tilt the device to control Pot-Man. See how far you can go!

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Beat 'N' Eat


This game is simple but very fun! Numbers are hatched from eggs. Number are very hungry. But they can only eat the cookies with the same number. Match the number with the cookies. Try to be fastest feeder!

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SM Checker

SM Checker#1 paid app in Japan!

Do you know about your self? This app is checker of your personality. Diagnose classify 8 types from S and M of Behavior, Values and Love. And you can check the love power, with who you are thinking. Enjoy In parties, schools and offices.
Notice: This application is in Japanese ONLY.

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