Jumping Pot-Man

Pot-Man icon

Pot-Man lives inside a Pot and has a big afro!
This game has simple rules and controls. He can jump from one totempole to the next totempole.
Tilt the device to control Pot-Man.
See how far you can go!

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Pot-Man Screen shot

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Pot-Man tilt device

To control Pot-Man is tilt device which you want to go.

Pot-Man bound

Normally Pot-Man will bounce twice.

Pot-Man Score

Thin pole can get higher score than thick one.

Pot-Man Score

Center is highre score than side.

Pot-Man Combo

To make conbo keep to ride totempoles center.

Pot-Man Wind

Be careful when cloud start blowing.

Pot-Man Eagle

Pot-Man can ride eagle. to go farther.

Pot-Man corner

be careful when Pot-Man hit the corner.

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